Style Analysis Short Form


This 6-page booklet contains a coin-rub Style Analysis (MFS) questionnaire that allows a person to quickly respond, score and graph their DISC results manually. The Style Analysis instrument was designed to help people win and to achieve a greater degree of success in life and work. The Style Analysis Short Form contains abbreviated interpretation of DISC in the booklet.




Personal Insights Profile ™


This glossy 22-page, self-scoring instrument allows you to measure an individual's behavior with a coin-scratch Style Analysis (MFS) questionnaire complete with instructions to hand score the instrument and plot your DISC graph.

The Personal Insights Profile helps the person to understand their own and others behavioral styles to improve communication. It incorporates the four dimensions of normal behavior with 24 specific graphs that are easy to reference for effective learning. The instrument can be used for team building, seminars, training, counseling, mentoring, customer service, management development, interpersonal communications and self-development.

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