DISC Certification Train-the-Trainer

Whether you are an expert on DISC or interested in putting DISC to work in your organization, our Train-the-Trainer is designed for you! The interactive format lets participants learn a great deal from the trainer and from each other. No matter which version of the DISC assessment you use, you will gain a deeper understanding of the DISC model as well as valuable information for using DISC within your organization.

The program materials offer everything you need to impact your organization’s success by creating an environment where people are less defensive, more cooperative, and more open to change.

We discuss applications in the areas of:

Team Building
Management Development
Personal Development
Customer Service
Conflict Management and more.

Our intent is to not just teach you about DISC, but to focus on what DISC can do for you and your organization. As the course progresses, your questions and needs will be addressed. You will leave with application information on a multitude of topics as well as an outline for how you want to offer your course.

Basic Interactive DISC Certification

Objective / Goal

To obtain a deeper understanding of how DISC is used and can be used in the day to day operations of business.

Basic understanding of DISC Administration Interpretation Graph Reading Application

Who Should Attend

Individuals interested in learning more about DISC. Managers/supervisors who want to enhance their interactive style. Human Resource directors, personnel directors, etc.

You Will Receive

LR&C DISC Train-the-Trainer Manual
PowerPoint Presentations
Talent Insights Online assessment (Behaviors and Motivators)
Personal Insights Profile
Style Analysis Short Form
DiSC Management Action Planner
Universal Language DISC Book
DISC Insider
DISC Desk Plate

What past participants have said...

"Having very limited exposure to DISC, I found the course extremely interesting and useful. Facilitators and staff can't be complimented enough. First class hosting to enhance learning!
"I attend training seminars on an average of one a month. This was the most helpful and the best presentation I have ever attended.

You may enroll by calling 1-800-746-1656 or email us


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