Why Virtual Certification?

Do you need additional training on DISC to help you better facilitate your classes? Is your budget tight? Is it difficult for you to get away from the office to attend a training seminar? Has your travel budget been eliminated? We have an option to meet all these demands. No travel expense is needed. You can work from your own office in the time frame that is good for you. Whether you are an expert on DISC or interested in putting DISC to work in your organization, our Train-the-Trainer is designed for you! This program is designed for anyone who is interested in an in-depth look at the DISC model and the various applications of DISC theory.

This session typically consists of three, 2-hour conference calls scheduled at your convenience.

Objective / Goal

To obtain a full working understanding of the DISC system and its uses in the work place. To prepare participants for analysis of their own DISC style and help them understand how to communicate effectively.

Topics Covered

Basic understanding of DISC Administration Interpretation

Materials Included

Universal Language DISC book
DISC Resource Guide Notebook
DISC PowerPoint Presentation to participants with Facilitator's notes
DISC Trainer's PowerPoint Presentation with Facilitator's notes
Participant handouts
Personal Insights Profile paper assessment
Style Analysis Short Form paper assessment
DiSC Management Action Planner
Talent Insights online assessment (Behaviors and Motivators)
DISC Insider
DISC Desk Plate

Cost: $1695.00 per person

You may also enroll by calling 1-800-746-1656 or email us.